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The Los Angeles Design Technology Forum serves to increase awareness of technological innovations in design and construction, and to foster their application throughout the Los Angeles design community. By connecting a diverse audience of designers, engineers, builders and owners who have widely varying conceptions of technology in their work, we hope to create new opportunities for efficiency and creativity.

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Event Log:
15 April 2008: 7pm   Office Visit @ Grant Architects. Developing a design methodology around Parametric Design and Rapid Prototyping
06 March 2008: 7pm   Lecture @ USC. Roberto Davolio: Solving Complex Construction Problems with Parametric Design
19 Feb 2008: 7pm   Lecture @ SCI-Arc. Paul Seletsky: The Digital Design Ecosystem — Towards a Pre-Rational Architecture
11 Dec 2007: 7pm   Lecture @ USC. Chuck Hoberman: Transformable and Adaptable Buildings
13 Nov 2007: 7pm   Lecture @ USC. Matthew Melnyk and Stephen Boak, Buro Happold Los Angeles
13 Sept 2007: 7pm   Dinner @ Angeli Cafe.
26 July 2007: 7pm   Lecture @ USC. Steven Sanderson, Federico Negro and Nash Hurley, SHoP Architects
21 June 2007: 7pm   Dinner @ ChoSun Galbee.
31 May 2007: 7pm   Lecture @ USC. "The Boeing 787 and Global Collaboration", Steve Murphy, The Boeing Company
02 May 2007: 7pm   Lecture @ USC. "Better/Cheaper/Faster/More?", Francis Aish (Foster + Partners) and Robert Klaschka (Markland Klaschka)
22 March 2007: 7pm   Lecture @ USC. Virtual Building Energy Simulation, Vladimir Bazjanac, Ph.D.
22 February 2007: 7pm   Lecture @ USC. Caroline Field and Isabelle Lavedrine, Arup TeLS.