The Los Angeles Design Technology Forum, in association with the AIA|LA Technology in Architectural Practice Committee, is pleased to announce the third event in a monthly series focusing on the intersection of Design and Information Technology. This lecture event will explore the intersection of digital methods with physical reality through the work of Ball-Nogues and BplusU.


Digital :: Physical           Ball-Nogues and BplusU

DATE: Thursday 17 June 2010,   FREE
TIME: Lecture 7pm,   6pm Wine, snacks, and social mixing
WHERE: This event will be at UCLA Architecture and Urban Design, DeCafe in Perloff Hall. Parking is $10, please see this link for information: parking map.
Post event libations and filler @ To be announced location

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BplusU and Ball-Nogues are two LA-based firms that have become masters of the digital / physical interface. This has included not just a broad knowledge of digital tools, physical tools, materials and processes - but also tool building. BplusU has developed analytic and generative software that has allowed their design to be informed by the mapping and transforming of imperceptible natural forces, including sonograms. They also artfully combine digital and physical model making techniques leveraging their in-house 3D printer as an integral part of a wider physical modeling process. Ball-Nogues Studio focuses on fabricating their design work, resulting in tight integration between digital modeling tools and the physical making process including their own CNC string painting machine. Mastering both off-the-shelf materials and processes as well as taking the step into tool-building and self-fabrication has allowed them to find new forms of expression for their formal ideas.

Variable Information Atomizing Module, Courtesy of Ball-Nogues




Speaker: Gaston Nogues
Ball Nogues is a collaborative design and fabrication studio led by Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues that produces architecture, art and products. The Studio has received numerous honors (including two AIA Design Awards) and has exhibited at major institutions throughout the world, including the MOCA, MoMA, the Guggenheim Museum, the Venice Biennale, the Hong Kong | Shenzhen Biennale; and the Beijing Biennale. Recently, their work became part of the collection of the MoMA.

Table Cloth, Schoenberg Courtyard, UCLA campus, California USA, Image courtesy of UCLA
The project, researched with UCLA students, explores a "cross-manufacturing" strategy: after the structure has served as a set piece, the parts making up the installation will become smaller-scaled commodities, available as consumer products.
Table Cloth is comprised of hundreds of individual low, coffee-style tables and three-legged stools. The tables and stools link together collectively to create a “fabric” that hangs from the east wall of the courtyard. When the Table Cloth meets the ground, it unrolls to form an intimate “in the round” performance area. The audience can sit on the tables and stools within this area.
"Tables are places for social interaction,” explains Ball. “Dining tables, specifically, facilitate organization and communication within the typical American home. We see this project like the cloth adorning a dining table; however, at Schoenberg it will adorn the courtyard, an important social hub, and will facilitate community at the scale of the University.”

Cradle, Santa Monica, California USA, Courtesy of Ball-Nogues

Feathered Edge, MOCA, Los Angeles, California USA, Courtesy of Ball-Nogues




Speakers: Herwig Baumgartner and Scott Uriu
BplusU’s mission is to consistently push the boundaries of architecture and urban design. They are on a continuous mission to research and experiment with new technologies, building materials and construction techniques using 3-d technology and manufacturing techniques often from outside of the architectural profession. BplusU’s work will be exhibited at this year’s 12th Architecture Biennale in Venice Italy and was recently exhibited at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and the CCRD in Hollywood, California. Their work has been widely published in magazines and books as well as on television and radio interviews.

Taipei Performing Arts Center, Taiwan, Courtesy BplusU

Project Development, Taipei Performing Arts Center, Taiwan, Courtesy BplusU


City Futura, Milan, Italy, Courtesy BplusU



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