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Gehry Technologies and the Practice of Architecture

DATE: Thursday September 15, 2011,   FREE      
TIME: Lecture 7pm,   6pm Wine and Cheese
WHERE: This event will be at UCLA Architecture and Urban Design, DeCafe in Perloff Hall. Parking is $10, please see this link for information: parking map.

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Dennis Shelden AIA PhD
Chief Technology Officer, Gehry Technologies
Associate Professor of the Practice in Design & Computation, MIT

In 1992, Gehry and his research and technology team changed the way his practice approached design. Traditional paper based ways of documenting and delivering architectural projects could not capture Gehry's innovative designs. Gehry built a team of technologists and practitioners which initiated new ways of thinking about architecture and building, using advanced 3D aerospace technologies to design, document and go directly from design to construction without intermediate paper documentation. In parallel, Gehryís practice pursued innovations to project delivery to establish more collaborative project teams, conducting practice through integrated 3D project data.

In 2002, Gehry Technologies (GT) was founded to bring technology and methodology advances to the wider architecture and building industries. Gehry Technologies is composed of a team of architects, engineers, and construction professionals; computer scientists; and management consultants. GT provides new technologies and methods which enable building project teams to innovate, collaborate, and realize better buildings.

Dennis @ MIT
Gehry Technologies


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About Dennis:
A world leader in the field of Building Information Modeling (BIM), Dennis Shelden is a founder and Chief Technology Officer of Gehry Technologies, a fully independent company formed in 2002 by the research and development team of Gehry Partners. He joined Gehry Partners in 1997 and became director of the firmís computation efforts in 2000, where he was responsible for the management and strategic direction of the firmís technology efforts. Prior to joining Gehry Partners, he performed structural engineering, energy systems and technology development work at firms including Ove Arup & Partners, Consultantsí Computation Bureau and Cyra Systems. Shelden is Associate Professor of the Practice of Architecture Design at MIT where he lectures and conducts research in building industry process advancement and in design computation and cognition. Shelden holds a BSAD in Architectural Design (1988), an MSc in Civil and Environmental Engineering (1997) and a PhD in Design and Computation (2002), all from MIT.


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